Backpack Spring Bear Hunt


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Jun 10, 2010
Just returned from a five day backpack hunt into Hell's Canyon for spring bear. We rowed a 12' row boat across the Snake River. The river was at flood stage and it won't happen again with me in the boat. :) We backpacked in about four miles and gained 3000' vertical. About 1300' of that was straight up a ridge with no trail. It was brutal on an old guy. They don't call it Hell's Canyon for nothing. Five of us went in with three tags.

The general country.

About 1400' above camp the day I killed my bear.

We took two bear and saw a ton of elk, a few deer and a couple of bands of bighorn. My nephew killed a blond and Cinnamon bear on our second full day of hunting. I tagged a Cinnamon boar on day three.



The bears weren't very big, I don't think, but it didn't hurt my feelings a lot considering the pack out. Any bear taken in that country earns a trophy status in my eyes regardless of size.
Congrat's ...That is some rugged and pretty country... And you are more than correct... Those are definately trophy's...
Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Any long range shots?

I was actually hoping for either calling my bear or making a long range shot. Neither came about. The bear was very cooperative and worked his way within 200 yards of our hide by the time we got there. The shot was almost exactly 200 yards so no big story there.

I checked the bear in at the wildlife office a couple of days ago and they estimated him at 9 or 10 years old which surprised me since he wasn't that big. I think its a pretty tough life for a bear in The Canyon.
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