awesome long range bullet performance chart



I saw this over on accurate reloading.
Many of you may have already seen this, but I found it very interesting.
Shows how most of the bullets available perform at high impact velocity and then at slower impact velocitys like you would have
WAY out there.
This fellow put some serious effort into putting this info together.

After looking at the MatchKings I've recovered from animals and those presented by this "report" I'd say there was a real problem with the testing method, media, and whatever.. I'd be interested in seeing some more "peer review" on this "report" before it being accepted as "fact".

So far it looks like it should read.... "If you're gonna shoot phone books, here's what your bullets may look like afterward."
Thanks Brown dog,
That was a very interesting link.
I wish somebody would come out with some comparative studies on the new bonded bullets to compare them to some of the other options out there.

If I was hunting wet phone books I wouldn't want to use the Match Kings.
Do you have any pictures of match kings you recovered from animals. I have read lots of reports from folks saying how good they have worked for them, and am very curious to see how they look upon recovery.
Still I found the chart VERY interesting to see the differences in the bullet performance at different impact velocities as they were all tested under the same conditions.
It was interesting to note that the vast majority of the bullets tested penetrated deeper at 2500fps than they did at 3100fps, and below 1900fps there was little bullet expansion from any of them.
That is what I was thinking Dave also. I have never rcovered a match king from a critter so I can not tell what they look like. But they have been a very deadly bullet for me.
I've only recovered two matchkings, both were in situations where the bullet hit an abstruction before hitting the deer. All the rest have exited leaving tremendous wound cavity. The two recovered were still one shot (instant) kills, and the wound cavity was still very big.
It's funny, @ the vel they started testing the MK (2600fps) it penetrated 17", while some 28 of the other 30+ bullets they tested failed to reach that. Curious as to why they started testing all other bullets @3100 and the MK @2600.
I'll need to dig around for some matchkings recovered from critters. Lots of other things on my plate right now so it may be a while.
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