Attaching a scabbard


Mar 17, 2011
When I'm hunting musk here in Greenland I use a Tatonka lastenkraxe, TATONKA - Lastenkraxe | load carrier | external frame bag to carry the musk with me back to camp.
On these hunts my riffel Rem 700 varmint 308 with bipods is a problem since it's heavy (13 lb) to carry and therefore I have thought of attaching a Eberlestock scarbbard Eberlestock: Side Scabbard, Bolt Sniper Rifle where I can place my riffel while I'm tracking for musk and while I'm carry the musk back.. And there is a lot to carry, 1000 lb, and many hikings before the hole musk is carry back to the camp/boot

So have any of you tried to attach this scarbbard to backpack frame and if so what is your experience with that..??

Ya i have done it quite a few times on a very similar pack. just strap it down right to the frame, with the scabbard about even with the top of the pack their will be some amount of scabbard and barrell going down through the frame and out the bottom. It rides great and suprisingly you'll still be able to get your gun out even if you have a bunch of meat and gear strapped down covering the scabbard.
I tried a scabbard on a similar pack and was really disappointed with it. It was difficult to mount and even more difficult to take the rifle out of the scabbard while mounted to the pack.

I bought this a few weeks ago
Gunslinger home of the worlds first compact rifle holster,Hunting and fishing info
haven't had a chance to take it out in the field yet, but it mounted to the pack in about a minute, and after a few practice attempts, I could get it from stowed to shooting position in about 2 seconds (not exaggerating). Doesn't offer any protection for the rifle, but my hunting rifles don't stay scratch free for long anyway.
The gunsling looks like a great back pack for shooting reindeer or similar, but for hunting musk it's to small to carry all the meat back.. I'm not that big so I carry 140-150 Lb on each walk and that's mean I have to make 4-5 walks before the musk is in the camp..
That's why I use the Tatonka frame for hunting musk, I have tried to fit the rifle to the side af the frame but that's not working due to the weight of the rifle..
So I need to find a solution like the scabbard, but have no experience with a scabbard so please shere your's with me..:)
I don't think you get it, the gunslinger isn't the backpack. It is the harness system that attaches the rifle to YOUR backpack. Any back pack you want. It serves the same purpose as the scabbard, but doesn't cover the rifle, so it is a heck of alot easier to get out. And the setup is about 2lbs lighter than the scabbard.
ok I get it, same name but different products. Sorry I guess I hid the link in the earlier message. This isn't made by eberlestock. It's definitely worth a look before you buy anything.

Gunslinger home of the worlds first compact rifle holster,Hunting and fishing info

It is a multi-piece harness system. There is a belt piece with a hook that mounts to the belt strap on your pack. Then there is a strap that attaches to the opposite shoulder strap and connects with your rifle sling to keep pressure on the rifle to hold it in place. I havent got a chance to take it hunting yet, but I strapped my 700 to it and jumped around my house with it. I looked ridiculous, but it held strong until the woman made me stop.

I'm kinda short and stocky so the scabbard was a waste of money for me. My arm just isn't long enough to draw the rifle out of the scabbard while it was mounted to my backpack. I still have it but it justs sits in the closet. It works ok when its not on the pack, but that's how I hunt mainly so......
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