ATN Scopes..Good or bad?


May 14, 2002
Montrose CO.
I know this is probably not the right place to pose this question but those of you who post here realy know your stuff..
I was wondering if anyone here had any experiances with ATN scopes..I don't know if anyone remembers my last post..I'm trying to get a stock Savage116 300RUM to punch paper out to a mile..
I just got a ATN 8~24x75lu scope that I thought would help get me there..Oh I can sure see a mile with it but I cant even get a descent pattern at 200yds with it..Has anyone elce had this problem with this scope or did I just get a lemon???
PS Darryl if you read this pray for rain we might not have a place to hunt this year

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Hello Colt

Your right about the hunting. I have been following the fire report with interest. The White River Forrestry Office is suppose to call me today. A friend from out there told me,they made several places "wilderness areas" and I wanted to know where? The area I hunt was being considered as one of those areas possibly. That means no motorized vehicals at all.
Now add the dry conditions and I'm not sure what will happen to the hunting this year.

AS per the scope, I have no experiance with it at all. You said the rifle won't group at 200 yards? Will it at 100 yards?
Quite possibly it is not the scope. Maybe more load development is needed, but a factory rifle might just have a hard time giving you ANY kind of group on paper out at a mile.
I have NOT seen any to date that would, even in the larger calibers.
A factory rifle at 1000 yards is hard pressed to give you consistant decent groups. Some will but not very many.

Have a good one.
Darryl: Thanks for the info.
The gun was giving me great groups at a 100yds awile back..**** near hole for hole.Then I got a new Choate Varmit Stock for it..I instaled it (after some minor alterations) But it fit great..Then I took it out for some tests and the darn thing wouldnt group..I ruled out the stock because it fits great (no slop anywere).I ruled out the barrel being burned out because I have only used factory amo so far..And I let it cool after three rounds..
At 200yds it's all over a 3x4 piece of paper..Never the same shot in the same general area at the same time..
I should have just baught what I know like a Leapoled or something..I found this scope on the internet at and it sounded so good I had to try it..That was a 700$ mistake I think..
I think your right though..I don't think a stock gun will make the trip..Do you think that friend of yours could build me a barrel to fit this Savage??
I have a chance to win alot of money if I can hit a 3x4 sheet of paper at a mile..There are a buntch of people around here who say that a 300RUM wont make it that far.And besides I just wanna do it so I can say I did..
And if you have any trouble hunting in your old area I hunt area 62-65-66 and 67-61 (If I can draw them)I know a spot that might be right up your alley..It,s in area 62.It over looks the mouth of Spring Creek Canyon with some great long range shots..It,s to long for me but it has easy access and when you get an animal its easy to get to with an ATV (Most the time)..It's a thought..Well thanks again..
3X4 inches or feet? If it is inches, then you have your work cut out for you. Saying that you called a shot on a pop can at a mile is probably a little iffy. That's one big Hail Mary.

If it is feet, I will be right over with my 6BR, 222, or even a 22LR if the day is calm (it says so on the box). What the hell, just grab a 308 with 155gr bullets and have at it. A RUM with 240 gr bullets needs about 65 min of elevation to get there. You could even do that with a factory rifle.

Almost anything can get out to a mile and to hit a target the size of a truck's hood, should be very straight forward if someone can spot the windage.

Those that LR hunt elk have to be able to hit a large pizza at max range on demand. They usually use one or two spotters to confirm windage then shoot for score. Your target is over 1/2 the size of the elk.

How many shots will you get? You could pay for your hobby doing the "impossible".

Good luck

Hi Jerry:
The answer to you question is 3x4 feet..
My fault I should have made that clear.
And your right I think any one of those rifles can get out there (On a calm day with the right scope).But thats my problem now.My scope that I payed $700.00 for (ATN 8~24x75)just took a dump on me..Now it's a $700.00 spotting scope..Does anyone know a good scope for the job and were can I get one
And to get more accurate I'm gonna need a longer barrel.
I live in a little town on the western slope of Colorado and to find anything worth a darn I have to order it.
It I was going after long range shooting then I would go with only one scope; NightForce! Even tho all my rifles support the Leupolds, the NightForce would be my #1 choice.
A friend had an ATN. It says in the manual not to over tighten the scope rings. Well guess what happened when he put some normal torque on it. The power adjustment ring would lock up.

He had to loosen it so it was barely finger tight or it would lock up. Lucky for him it was just an AR-15 with no recoil. I think he took it back after he broke in his barrel and shot some groups with the new AR.

I hate to say this, since it's after the fact... but for $700 you could have bought some of the best scopes made, like Leupold, Burris "Black Diamond", and only $50 away from a benchrest quality Nightforce 8x32... a blindingly good optic.

The ATN is, with doubt, the worst scope in the country... they sell for about 300 to 400 on eBay (sold by the importer... not a good sign).

I'm sorry to be the bearer of this news after the fact.

When looking to spend LOTS of money of shooting stuff you are not familar with, ask here before plunkin' down your green.


(Cat... the other white meat

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Hi CatShooter:
You are so right..I shure wish I would have known about this sight before I bought this scope..
Hopefully other people will read this before making the same mistake I did...
one The worst scopes that I have ever used pure junk, ATN Is Not woth $%^(, sorry but I wasted alot of money on a pice of junk that now sits in cardboard box filled with cleaning rags.
You are so right...I wish I could sue them for false advertisement

I sent mine back over a month ago to see if they would replace it or hopefully get my money back
.But I doubt if I ever see eather again..
If I do happen to get it back I could't sell it to anyone elce and sleep at night..I guess I'll just mount it on a block of wood and use it for a piece of junk spotting scope
Thank God I read your replies on ATN. I have been searching for months and almost a year now for some responses on ATN quality. I was about to purchase a 4-12x80 Day/Night Vision rifle scope for about $4,000
Thank You so much......
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