ATF sure taking their good sweet time!

My wait ended two weeks ago and it was worth it. I should have done this years ago but like a fool I waited on the hearing conservation act to pass.
Got another bulk approval. Earliest submission was Aug 2023, most recent was Jan 2024.

Fastest in the batch was................. 21 days 😬

I'm excited about this batch - got a Mist integral for my 10-22, and my first Lane suppressor.

All right, let the roasting start 🤣
Burning Set On Fire GIF by US National Archives
I am in the group of the fast recent approvals. Submitted on 2/1/24 approved 2/20/24. Just put in another submittal on 2/21/24 so we shall see if this runs the normal course or not.
So after calling the atf line . I got status updates on my two cans one submitted 6/13/23 and the second on 8/22/23 . They come up as delayed ? Any ideas? Not my first go at this my last two were 8 months . I've also got a ccw permit and have never had trouble with this stuff before.
The recent short approvals definitely have my hopes up.... I certified on 2/3/24, so I guess we will see what happens. If it's sooner than 6-8 months, I'll definitely be happy! It's only a rimfire can so not a huge deal, I have a few centerfires and another rimfire can to keep me busy in the mean time.