armalite AR-30 ?


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Dec 18, 2001
would somebody get one so you can let me know if it shoots.if it does as good as the ar-50 it will be a best buy for sure.armalite said the will ship in 30 days or less.i just got the new fcsa mag and there is an article on the AR-50 they said it shoots 500 yards with some loads they got under 2 inche groups.the 2 loads that did the best had the worst es they did not list the sd.i just got my chronograph 35p have not tried it how can it shoot and have that kind of a es the one load was about 179 fps es the other that was real good was about 80 .still higher than any of you would want or maybe even use,thanks,keith
I have one on order... for about the last 9 or 10 months... can't wait until September because that's supposedly when it will come in.
(unlike June as stated before the actual month of June which was changed to the September month when June came and went)

I have a friend that has the AR-30 on order, and they are suposed to be shipping very soon.

I have an AR-50, and it shoots better than it should for the money... I get 1/2 MOA with A-Maxs, and 3/4 MOA with military bullets like API, and M48s... Blues go around 1 MOA.

I'd get it again in a New York Minute

you right for the money they shoot great.if the ar-30 will shoot like that it will be a best buy for sure.the only thing i have against them is they are so ugly.but then so was my ex wife .got rid of her .i never get rid of a gun,well very few.if i can get past the looks i will have to have one if it's a shooter,thanks,keith
Had a guy that shot one in factory class last weekend. Cannot remember his exact group, think it was in the 13" range at 1000 though. It will be posted soon on website as results for match 1 and 2 factory class. He was shooting factory 250s and not started reloading yet. So think it could tighten up with a little work. Right out of the box.

does armalite have the AR-30 in .338 LM up and running yet.a mcbross is 3,700 in 338LM and the armalite is 1,600 .if it will shoot anywhere near as good it will be a best buy.will it take a 1000 dollar shope to take the recoil of the .338 LM,thanks,keith
I have an AR-30 in .338 and I only use hand loads.

With my 300 grainers here is what I got @ 100 yards. Pic gives a brief description.


Here is she at the range.

Nice group, my Dad's shoots like that too.

He couldn't resist shooting one of the 1" pipe arms off at 300 yards on the target frame I built... Children!
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