Dec 24, 2003
Swoyersville, PA.
I was thinking of purchasing a Armalite AR-30 in 338 Lapua and was wondering if anybody has any information about this rifle.I have not seen one or had the chance to handle one and would like to know if the rifle is worth it.I would like to know any and all pros and cons any of you have to offer.I would hate to waste all that money on a rifle I don't like. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP...
that was my plan also but i bought a sendero in 338 rum and sent it to r w hart and son for a new barrel and a break also got it set up as a switch barrel may cost more but i think it will be worth could hold the cost down with just a new barrel and a break i got the works.i should have it back before the end of feb.thanks,keith
Thanks Kidcoltoutlaw.

I was thinking of building off of this base platform rifle.I already have a Sendero in 338 Ultra and I live 20 minutes from Harts so a accuracy package was already planned.I was thinking of improving the Lapua or maybe something different like a 338/416 IMP.I was hoping the action was long enough to handle something a little longer than the base Lapua cartridge.So if you or anybody else has anymore info about this rifle it would be greatly appreciated.
I have an AR30 in 300WM. It shoots half inch 5 shot groups with just about every load I have tried. The muzzle break works really well. Recoil feels like a .223. Worth every Penny
My Dad has an AR30. Don't plan on fitting anything longer to the shoulder in the magazine than 338 Lapua or 338 Ultra Mag. For example: The 300 Ultra is too long, but the 338 version is not, although it's **** close. Just plan on single feeding if you do.

They are a nice action, and rifle, accurate, clean up easy (this one does), and well worth the money as a ready to go rig.
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