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May 27, 2002
new orelans, la.
What does everyone use for accuracy in handloads, dies, primers, brass. are arbor presses better then standard? I am getting serious, will have 308 built with Mike Rock barrel
thanks gi
I use a arbor press for seating bullets with a hand die form wilson. I size with a big RCBS press and Redding dies. Lapua brass and a F210GM primer
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It depends on what I'm loading, sizing etc. If I'm FL sizing say an Ultra case, I use a threaded die press. If I'm loading 223s for an auto, I use a Dillon. If I'm reloading for a custom bolt, I use a Sinclair Arbor press. For my custom firearms, I usually have the smith that builds the gun make the die or dies. Maybe your smith can supply your dies with this rifle.

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Believe it not, Lee Challenger press and Lee collet neck dies. Wonderfully accurate ammo.

In 308, I have a Forster BR seating die. Does it matter, sure why not. I also use standard seating dies with excellent success.

As long as the sizing process does not create runout, the seating process usually doesn't. With bushing or collet dies, any press will make good ammo. I have even used a Lee hand press at the range.

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