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May 17, 2009
sauk city, wi. 53583
I am unable to get my reloads to cycle through AR. Shoots factory ok. Tried small base RCBS dies still no luck. Have never reloaded for auto. (rifle) Live in south central Wisconsin should anyone be in my backyard. Sure we can work something out.
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sauk city, wi. 53583
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how about listing your gun specs and the ammo specs, and what factory ammo works.
who built the ar ?
By "unable to cycle", you mean they won't feed, or won't chamber, or ?????? Lots of knowledgeable shooters here that can help, just need a little more details and description of the problem.
Could possibly be a magazine problem, try a different mag. Or could be "short stroking" meaning not enough gas to push the bolt back far enough to feed the next cartridge from the magazine. How far are the empty (fired) cases being thrown from the rifle? Are they landing at your feet, or behind you, or about a 90* angle to your right? Since it's your reloads that are causing the problem, what load (powder weight) are you using. Could be an underpowered load causing it to short stroke.
If the cartridge is chambering when you feed it by hand, it is not a problem with the dies, so small base dies probably don't matter in this situation.

AND as AR10man asked, are any factory loads working and functioning properly in the rifle and from the magazine?
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What bullet weight and powder and charge weight is your reloading recipe really sounds like powder charge maybe to light.
Sounds like it is short stroking, if you have a adjustable gas block it needs to be adjusted open more. So you have more gas pushing the bolt further back in the receiver to pick up the round from the magazine and chamber it.
I think this is a gas issue

Are you loading low charges to start (as is normal for safety)? ARs require gas pressure to operate the bolt. If your gun is gassed well normally and not overgassed it can choke up with underpowered loads.

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