Anyone own a sightron s111 21569 6-24


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Jan 30, 2009
I have the chance to buy a lightly used one for $500. I am only interested about this specific model 25169 sfp with zero stop, 6-24×50. If you own one, all of your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
I know you said only that model.....

I own two SIII 6-24x50 only difference is reticle and illumination. Mine are not illuminated.

I'm pleased with it, enough that I bought a second one. If you have specific questions PM me

My only complaint was the earlier SIII had a gold lettering that just wasn't to my taste, the newer ones have white that I prefer.

P.S. If you decide not to buy it kindly connect the dot between the seller and me and I will ;)

I have an SI Field Target 4-12X40, STAC 4-20X50, & SIII 10-50X60 LRTD.
Bang for the buck, it's really hard to go wrong with a Sightron.
Is the scope your looking at worth the $500? Only you can decide.
There great, i agree one of the best out there in bang for your buck. I own 6 of them. There simple but with the newer models having the zero stops and illumination make them even more of a good deal. I have had and have lots of other scopes but the sightron siii models i like. They dont compare to a tangent but there on par with the athlon cronus and some of the nightforce scopes in terms of optical clarity
I have the Siii 6-24x50 MOA-2 w/zero stop... the same model # you speak of.
Glass is really good for the price point, has good click feel in turrets, and dials up to 1000 yds and back down accurately and returns to zero with confirmation a shot every time I take it out.
Zero stop is simple but effective.
$500 is a really good price if its in great shape.
I had a 8-32 SIII which I liked. Only problem it had was a very stiff parallax knob. I’m in Canada and in winter temperatures I couldn’t turn it. Summer it was even hard to turn. I probably should of returned it to the factory for them to look it over. Good scopes for the money.
Bit late I know.... I recently bought the 21569 6-24 used, in as new condition. Great glass throughout the magnification. Simple, easy to use zero stop, tracks perfectly, great reticle ... 2moa. A great scope that, in Canada at least, depreciates a lot from new price (over 1600 new here!). I think these are a fantastic bargain. Did you buy it?