Anybody shooting a 6.5-06


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Apr 15, 2004
I'm thinking of rebarreling my shot out .25-06 AI to 6.5-06. The other option would be a standard .25-06, but I think I'd like something a little different to shoot/play with. Anybody want to talk me out of doing so? I was thinking 1x9 twist with a heavy sporter contour 26" long (this is for a walking hunting rifle-not a bench gun). Will a 1x9 stabilize a 140-142 gr. bullet? aAnd what velocities can I expect?Anybody shooting one of these and what info can you give me? thanks for your help
I am wringing out a 6.5-06AI and can say that this caliber is impressive. The standard version, I am sure,...Will make you very happy. Try RL22 and 4831sc for some serious 140- gr loads. I am using a 1:8 twist,..but a 1:9 will handle the 140's plebny well for a non-BR rig.
I have a 1-9 twist 6.5-06 AI which shoots the 104 gr A-Max bullets into the .3's at 3050 fps. It also groups the old 155 gr SMK's into the same size groups at 2970 fps.

With the 120 gr Ballsitic Tip it will run real hard at 3300 fps with 1/2 moa groups.

Did I mention this is the first rifle I ever built. It is on a commercial Mauser 98 and an Adams and Bennett barrel. Yes an A&B.

This was a practice rifle but it shot so well, I still have it to this day and at 500 yards it will average under 2" for five shots. Not to bad for an $80 barrel, still I do nto recommend them to my customers as some are quite poor in bore finish.

The 6.5-06 AI is a hell of a round. Just a little more fps then the 6.5-284 and in a quality machined barrel, it will run real close to the 284 version in accuracy and consistancy.

GOod Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
thanks for the info guys. I was hoping to get 140gr. bullets up to 2800-2900 fps. Sounds like this if feasable. thanks again-Duff
I love the 6.5-06. My 24" Bevan King barreled Enfield launches moly 140gr SST to 2950fps with extremely good accuracy. 1 in 9 twist. H4831SC is the powder, and CCI BR2 the primer. I have found that this combo likes to run hot. The best brass for that has been LC69 pulldown. I have yet to use a commercial brass that can handle the repeated toasty loads as this surplus stuff.

In case, you are wondering about accuracy of that brass, I have used this brass is 4 rifles now and all will shoot 1/4MOA or better at short range, sub MOA at 1000m.

Great cartridge and amazing bullet.

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