Any Resume Writing Experts Here ???



I have gone over my resume a hundred times and condensed it so it isn't boring. I have a maintenance backround with electrical troubleshooting skills, AC/ DC voltage, CNC repair, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, pipe bending and threading, machining shills to repair and fabricate parts. Complete facilities maintenance.
The past 6 yrs I have done new construction commercial electrical because that is where the demand for workers was, plus there was always overtime.
Now I want back in the maintenance field.
I have been around a while, 55yrs. so how far back do you list your employment history with out giving away your age and maybe not getting an interview. You want them to see you were always employed.
My first job I was there 10 yrs but if I put that on my resume it gives away my age.
I can e mail you my resume if you got any suggestions.
I have been out of work since Jan. of 09 but worked a couple weeks for a temp agency in sept. so it looks like I haven't been unemployed that long.
My G/F says I should only go back 10 yrs on my resume.
Thanks for any suggestions.
I have applied for teaching jobs and have tweaked my resume several times. I think it is pretty standard to have a resume that is no more than one page, easy to read, and organized in one manner or another. The purpose of it is not to give your life story, just to give a brief glimps at the skills you have and relevant work experience and or training. I usually go w/ bullets organized in education, work experience, skills/ and or specific job requirements you have fulfilled. In the construction trade work experience and references trump most others. I suspect that the field you are trying for would be similar.

I agree that your age should be hidden somewhat (no offense man!) I would go back 10-15 years and be brief about things that you don't think will give you an edge. Don't leave a gap in your work experience - that looks suspect. List chronologically and start w/ most recent.

There are lots of resume building tools online or in the PC itselve -microsoft work has a resume making template. I am assuming that the application for the job will have a spot given for references.

Hope this helps, and sparks others to comment. Good luck w/ your pursuits!
I don't have any suggestions on your resume, but I do offer some advice. My friend applied where I work for a welding/maintance job(usually get in the thousands of applications). He had pictures of his handy work of fab. and welding.

The company he worked for closed it's doors and flooded the market with welders. The pictures got him his first interview where they asked if he knew anybody out here. After they came and asked me about him he recieved a second interview where he had to pass a welding test. He got one of the 5 jobs as a seasonal. My point is try setting yourself apart from the crowd like my friend with pictures or even something you built. Who knows it just might be the ticket to getting your foot into the door.

Past 10 years is plenty. Don't get too paranoid about the age thing as more and more employers are finding out that the younger workforce work ethics too often are lacking when compared to older generations. Remain confident and good luck.
I would start w/ a personalized objective. Take your time and tweak it for each application.
I normally see your education next. If you have any certifications list them here or any specialty trainings you have gone to as well.
Next I am used to seeing experience listed. Yours are in the other order. I would let potential employers know you are a mature adult, this may work for you and not against you as you seem to think. You haven't jumped around a lot, this is also a positive.

Get some good paper, and don't fold it when you send it.
Good luck to you.
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