Any other .408” cartridges out there?


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Apr 13, 2019
Saskatchewan, Canada
No real point to this beyond pure discussion...the 408 cheytac is still with us, though it seems to be just barely hanging on compared to its .375 caliber offspring. But this got me thinking...that 408 is such an oddball bore diameter. There are a few .411” cal and lots of .416” cal rifle cartridges but I think the 408 cheytac is the only 408 out I wrong about that? And more interestingly, any 408” caliber wildcats out there. I know the 408 cheytac case has spawned wildcats of other diameters, I’m talking a different case necked down or up to use projectiles meant for the 408 ct. I figure if anyone’s done this it’s probably one of you people on this forum! :)
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Hey cool thanks, had heard about the various 40-something blackpowder cartridges, always just assumed they were .411 like the later 405 Winchester. Learn something everyday.
Now the other question is still in search of an answer - for curiosity’s sake only (not a cat, not concerned about curiosity :) ) - anyone out there build a wildcat cartridge around 408 cheytac projectiles?
Had Badlands make me a high bc hunting bullet for my cordless/wireless brown bear skull driller

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There is a 408 cal thread with info on other 408 cal wildcats

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