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  • The VLD's are great bullets, but are a bit difficult for someone who doesn't reload, as they are very finicky about seating depth to get them to shoot right. You might want to look at the Berger Classic Hunter bullets. They don't have the VLD shape, but they are excellent bullets, and because they are a hybrid design, they should be much more accurate and not as picky about seating depth in your rifles.
    LOl i know how feel im 26 and have worked 7 days week on the farm for 2 years now and feel like a 55 year old man Lol.Where do you shoot at?.You come around maso any?.Bye the way my name is Adam
    Hey neighbor! Iam in Swartzcreek and hang around Shaftsburg.
    I do lots of shooting and love to hunt Deer but I am beaten up, I have a body of an 80 year old man in 55 year old frame.
    Lots of hard work, only makes your life shorter.
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