Any GrayBull Sys here?

My brother inlaw has one, he loves it. the custom turrets have been aruond for a while, That put best of the west on the map. Keton Ind. does all kinds,makes and models,LEUPOLD has their version, the CDS, Swaro has a adj. dial turret. They are convient and I guarantee they are here to stay. Every where I GO SPORTSSTORE, BOW SHOP, I hear guys discussing Huskeymaw, most of those people dont understand the other aspects, like wind,angle,etc. But they want to shoot farther and are buying the products or want to.Jons scope or the one my friend has ,has mill lines below cross hair, WHich I would like, because you can use them for a quick hold over, or for ranging to a degree.
I don't know if you have already but John's last reply to the "Best of the West" post explains why he likes em check it out. Its pretty good stuff.
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