Any missouri shooters here?


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Nov 5, 2006
Im looking for some fellow missouri shooters who have access to a area for long range shooting I live in southeast missouri and can't find anywhere to shoot on a regular basis can anyone help?
I just moved from there a while back. South west of St. louis there is a small shooting range called Monroe County Gun Club. They have targets to 500 meters and I had a steel target on a tree at 750 yards. This small range is near the town of Parris I believe. There is a member on here " Tyler Kemp" that lives close and I enjoyed shooting with him.

Hope this info helps.

At Paris while crops are out we can get out to 1300 yards as long as it isn't real muddy. I'd love to shoot with people, the more the merrier!
Paris has already been mentioned, but there's also St.Louis Bench Rest Club near Warrenton/Wright City, and further West we have Bucksnort shooting club near Marshall. Both SLBRC and Bucksnort go out to 600 yards, the longest we've got in MO.

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Sedalia, MO
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