another quick load question


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Jul 7, 2008
columbia falls, mt
a friend of mine made a mistake the other day. the scenario was grabbing the wrong powder to load his 300 win mag.

standard load was 78 gr ramshot mag under a 210 berger vld, with fed gm215m seated to .005 into lands.

everything went south when a charge of 78 gr of win 760 was used. to say it was violent would be an understatement. case was ruined, chamber has a bulge in it, sako extractor doesn't look the same anymore either. we are just happy that the nesika held the pressure and he is just looking to clean up the chamber with an ultra reamer instead of visiting him in the hospital.

so the question is...what kind of pressure was that load running. the 210 did hit the target, just got there with 24" less drop @ 660 yards. i took a wag that was probably running around 3300-3400fps instead of the normal 2860.

any insight would be appreciated. thanks again
A little advice---do not be around your buddy when he shoots. Guys like him are not long for this world....

Pressure 96679 psi

Vel w/26 tube 3226

Hope he has good life insurance...
thanks a bunch boss hoss,

not making excuses for him, but 25 years into this sport has never had an issue till now. he was pretty upset from it, so i think he will be able to go another 25 without any more issues of that kind.

thanks again for running the numbers for us, not sure how much pressure is in a proof load, but very happy his nesika held up. the magnum research barrel didn't hold the chamber pressure near as well though.
thanks again...greg
Fudging the numbers a little to get 2860 with Ramshot magnum, then subtituting in the WC 760. The maximum chamber pressure goes from 62kpsi (Magnum) to 102kpsi (W 760) @ 3190fps.

I would attribute the 24" descrepency in drop to the poi changing and not to a flatter trajectory.
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