Am I getting the wrong numbers?


Jun 7, 2008
I didn't want to start another thread about what caliber but I feel I have too?

I am looking for a 1000 yard deer rifle and 500 yard moose and elk rifle. I wan't it to be no more than 11 pounds scoped and no muzzle break. I know I can handle a .300 Win Mag in a sendero but found the RUM and the like to be more than I like.

I had narrowed it down to the 7mm SAUM / 7mm/300 WSM / 300 WSM. I thought I had it all figured out and was just doing the final research on which one when I hit a road block.

I ran these numbers in a ballistic calculator
7mm SAUM 180gr Berger @ 2850
7mm/300 WSM 180gr Berger @ 2900
300 WSM 210 Berger @ 2900

I was below 2000FPS by 700 yards and I was lead to believe that is the minimum for reliable bullet expansion? Did I run the numbers right? Will these cartridges work for deer to 1000? Should I be looking at different cartridges?

My current plan is to shoot the barrels off my current two rifles learning long range shooting and wind drift while I source the parts for the build. Then sell the actions to fund the last few parts and smith bill. This will be alot of money for me and I want to do it once do it right.

I know this has been asked probably a million times but please give me some opinons and not just tell me to search. I have read quite a bit and I was trying to avoid this kind of thread but I got confused when I seen the velocity at 1000.



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