Allaround lighterwieght rifle? Or how much does contour matter?


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Apr 5, 2004
Cody, Wyoming
I see that most of the specialized rigs feature #7 or at least sendero/varmint contour barrel and the larger tactical stock-HTG seeming to be the choice for the more all around long range hunting stock while still running the larger contour.

I am wondering about the difference with a #3 or #4 contour and maybe the mcmillan classic or the BDL stock. I have seen how LSR's lightweight rifle shoots and I bet GAP nontypical shoots as well and it rivals the tactical heavy barrels. You are only shooting around 3 shots anyway when hunting and that isn't enough to need a heavy barrel just for resistance to heating up in long shot strings like you need in benchrest or tatical matches.

I assume the heavier rifle is easier to shoot well at long range in a prone position but the all around would perform better at the offhand shorter range or on a knee type shots.

I am looking for a rifle that can be toted around up and down the mountain for high country deer, sheep, steep elk country etc yet still perform at long range. 8.5 lbs would be about right.

Just wondering on thoughts from the gallery.


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
My lightweight 7mm Allen Mag has a #3 lilja on it and I shoot the 200 gr Wildcat Bullet to 3200 fps. There will not be many combinations out there that will stress a light barrel like this combo with with that bullet length, and velocity.

THat said, I took 6 head of big game past 650 yards last year in 7 shots. Farthest two were at 728 and 745 yards. THe one miss was because I did not have the rear bag solid on the first shot, The whitetail buck ran out another 100 yards and stopped, by this time I had settled the rear bag and did not miss the second shot.

My rifle weights just shy of 9 lbs without scope.

She is capable if easily holding 3/4 moa out to the 1/2 mile mark.

If I were intentionally going to be taking shots from 1/2 mile and beyond, I would take my heavy 7mm AM which is in the 16 lb range. Just easier to hit with at those extreme ranges. Easier to shoot I believe, not really that the rifle is more accurate.

Kirby Allen(50)