AimShot 2,000 yd. range finder


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May 9, 2001
This new laser range finder is available at Sportsman's Guide. It lists for $279 and appears to be very similar to the Bushnell Yardage Pro. Although I'm sure it will not range non-reflective targets out to 2,000 yards, it would be a great improvement over my Yardage pro 1000 even if it went to 1,000 yards in the sunlight. Hopefully someone here will buy one and give us some feedback. Seems too good to be true but just maybe there really is a bargain out there.
I hope you have the chance to test it before you buy one of those.

If it's like any of the other so called 1000 yard plus rangefinders (commercial) they won't do what they are advertised to do in cloud cover or Sunshine and repeat the same range every shot.

If you have something as big as a house to range and the weather conditions are perfect it might geta reading one out of 10 shots.
This is what I found with the Leica 1200 and other units. The Leica never did make it to 1000 yards that day.

I am skeptical myself and am hoping someone from this board buys one and posts a review. Since it does advertise a 2,000 yard range limit, maybe it would be a little better than my Bushnell 1000. Heck, if it would range to 1,000 yards on a non reflective target, it would be far superior than what I presently use. Keeping my fingers crossed.
A friend of mine gets stuff from him all the time and is treated VERY well if your not satisfied for ANY reason. He told me of something he got from them on an order that was not right and they looked up what else he ordered and sent him several more of those items and the other thing all for FREE just to make it right, all while refunding him the cost of the original order TOO!! He was floored. This man is 74 yrs old and not pleased in the past at many of the folks he's dealt with throught the mail before.

I would not think twice about ordering one and giving it a try. I would call them first to voice my concern and verify a satisfaction guarantee policy though.
I highly doubt the rangefinder will range to 1000 yards, I think it's just some marketing gig trying to make more money.
That is not the experience I have had with my new Leica 1200.

We went to a local 900m range and were quite easily able to range the dirt backstop at 1005 yards. I don't think naked dirt could be classed as a "reflective target". I took multiple readings and they all came up within 2 yards.

I have ranged bushes at over 800 yards as well.

I think the key to using laser rangefinders at long range is to find a good solid rest to take readings from.

For the money, I think the Leica 1200 is the best buy avaiable. Sure it doesn't have the performance of a Russian rangefinder or even the Geovid but then it doesn't have the price of either of those units either.

Peter Cronhelm
My brother bought one of the 2000 yard models from sportsmanguide last night. They are on backorder until 11/8 so be patient and I'll give a review.
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