Advice on a smaller scope with high magnification.


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Nov 6, 2009

I'm trying to get some ideas on a smaller (overall size) scope that still has some good magnification like 5-22 or 6-25 somewhere in that area. The scope is going on a savage 10PC and it's has a short 20" heavy barrell. This will be mainly a longer range predator hunting gun that will be carried alot and in and out of the truck. My price range is about $700 max for this optic. I would like to have the tacticle turrets so I can dial if I want to when punching paper, but it's not a "must have". I put my nightforce NSX 5.5-22X50 on this gun to compare it size wise and it's just huge. With the sunshade it's almost as long as the barrell.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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