ADG 300 wsm 2021


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Nov 27, 2013
SW IDAHO, 83713
Really good brass has kept me from the 300 WSM. This is good news.

Adding more cartridges is a blessing and a curse. They could just make 6.5 PRC & 300 PRC brass, 300 Win, and XX Nosler brass, non stop, for the rest of 2021 and that wouldn't cover the pent up demand. Just an observation from the "want to buy" posts in the classifieds. :)


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Jan 12, 2017
Got word that ADG will be releasing wsm brass this year. Really excited to finally see someone come out with this. Who else has been waiting?
Its hard for me to believe anything they say. I have email and talked to them about brass from august if last year. I wss promised Oct then went to nov then got email saying jan here we are the 29th. Only people i know got any was alpha they sent out email never could get website nor would they answer phone. So hard to take anything they say


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