ADA is anti LRH


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Nov 3, 2008
Has anyone seen the E-mail's floating about from the ADA. Seems that they have an issue with long range hunting and are trying to have it banned.
Drop me an E-mail if your like and I will send you a copy. Makes interesting reading.

ADA stands for Australian Deer Association. A deer hunting organisation.

I got word of this about 2 months ago Norm and it is ligit not to mention a joke how the hell do they hope to police it. It is the typical old school f witts who don't have a clue what they are talking about . Next they will ban shooting at any animal that is moving because it has a high risk of wounding . I would like to know Ada sydney branches stance on this subject also.

On the up side norm we can now justify buying a ghillie suit and it will make shooting them so much more sniper like.:rolleyes:

Send me the emails you have.

Mate I just had that lengthy email turn up at work from a mutual GDSA friend,

I have not read every word, as it is about 1000000 words long with multiple personalities having their 2 cents worth.

I dont think there is any real theme of ADA trying to "ban it" persay, just a few in the ranks not too happy about all moves forward in technology that allow hunters to more easily hunt the game.

Dont worry about them mate. Let them fire away. As you have seen hardly any have any idea of the concept of precision long range hunting. FACT. At best a " suggested code of conduct" might come out of it... but I even doubt that.

I do agree that long range hunting by those who do not practise , have the right equipment and attitude is something that should be discouraged. You know the type.. 30.06 sporter " Screw a NF on top and start blasting at them at a grand " attitude. Education with this is key !

Give me call and tell me what that guns up too !

You would think people-ADA, have better things to do.
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You never know, some patience and education and you may help some of these folks see a different perspective, even if they don't do it themselves.
In the latest edition of their ADA mag there is an interesting article and their views on our passion. Page 39 from memory.

They mention 300 yards ...

Obvoiusly not well educted on a what we are able to do or how accurate we can place our shot on a game animal.

Some mis information in there which doesnt do any of us hunters any favours!
Don't any members of the ADA shoot long range rifles? If they do they need to stand up to these idiots.
we get this **** from british deer associations ! and to be honest it's mostly peddaled by stuffy old duffers who are anti any advance in technology or skills , i am a member of some of these associations and while the vast majority of members are great people there is a few who complain about everything and by and large these are the ones who i watch on the range struggling to hit a dinner plate at 150m!!! they also generally don't practice ? you will get the same old rubbish about head shots/neck shots etc it's just people trying to hold others back rather than improve them selves?

one word of warning though , these people WILL cause trouble in the long run for you! deal with them now through education, it's critical that all shooters stand together or you will end up in the same sorry state we are in the uk !

i've encouraged long range at my club, once you've got people hitting the bull at 600m when they try at 300m the target looks rather easy?

good luck,Russ
I think of even more concern is the push from some state Governments to start confiscating large caliber rifles from 338 lapua and up. It started in SA however I heard of a PTA for a 338 lapua being denied in QLD recently where 50 cals are already banned. Worrying times indeed.
Worrying times indeed.

In the "Merrick" and "Wendy" E-mails they talked about pushing for the ADA to lobby State Police commissioners and Governments to ban such cartridges. Interesting that only a few months latter we now have such a ban in South Australia.
Its not good when fellow hunters conspire against us.

Owners of these rifles must dispose of them or have them rebarrel to cartridges that are not on the banned list.
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Have you read the threads about it on AHN Norm? One is up to 28 pages and the other is up to 13 and they have only been going a short time. At least most on there can see that it is only the thin edge of the wedge and that once it starts where will it end. Pump actions and other fast cycling actions are also on the agenda. Not good.
Ok so lets think about this. If the flow on effect takes place and the .338 Lapua and Edge etc is banned in Victoria and NSW as well. What do we do then?

I will have to rebarrel my .338 edge to something else or maybe set chamber back to .338WM ??????

Got to have a back up plan! But what?
300RUM with 240gn SMK is mine but I sure hope it dosn't come to that. Hopefully the edge will be safer as its not a military round. It seems they are mainly after 338 Lapua, 375 and 408 cheytac, 416 barret and 50 cal tacticool rifles.
over here the .338 lapua was banned on ranges so i had a 300rum built , these rules are ridiculous and need stopping but the main problem is shooters are too divided , if we all stood together we would be a force to rekon with?

Divide and conquor?????
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