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Jan 15, 2010
I am looking to build a solid deer/antelope/possibly elk gun in the near future. When the smoke clears, is there that much difference between the factory actions that a rifle can be built off of? I am not interested in a custom action at this point in my life.

This question stems from a rifle that is for sale locally. I can buy a Savage long action rifle for $275. The rifle is obviously used and the barrel has been recrowned (horrible job). With my plan to have a laminate stock made and a new barrel installed, this looks like a great deal.

Is there a better chance of the rifle shooting more accurately with a 700 or a model 70 action than the Savage or does it all come down to personal preferance?
The Savage will work just fine. Model 700 Remington actions are the most used action in custom built rifles. Any of the actions you mentioned will make a solid platform for an accurate rifle. " IMO "
Savage and Remy yes. I have no imperical data that Remys are used more often but, from what I hear and read it appears they are. What caliber/chambering did you have in mind?
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Shooting 7mm 180 grain VLD's at 3000-3100 is my goal. With that being said I was thinking 7 WSM. I think with a 28" barrel I should be able to get close.
You said you don't want a custom action so I assume you wouldn't be having the Rem 700 trued as it would end up costing nearly as much as a custom. I say if that's the case go with the savage and go with your plan. Add a quality stock and new quality barrel. Have it properly bedded and aftetmarket trigger if it doesn't have accu trigger . You can make savages shoot real well on a budget. If built properly all you mentioned will work great but Rem 700 and Savage seem to be more popular around here.
I'd vote for the Savage. They are the easiest action to work on. You could do all the work yourself with a very modest investment in tools.

For stocks you'll have to look no further than Sharp Shooter Supply for laminates.

If you'd be open to a quality synthetic stock, check out Stockade. They are the best Savage stock for the money. Especially if you get the money saver and finish it yourself.

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