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Nov 20, 2018
I got this rifle for Christmas a few years back. And I started reloading at the same time. Not really sure how well it would have shot when it was brand new. I was a beginning reloader, and I wouldn't say I was a good shot at the time. But this is how it shoots now with good loads.

H4831 with 145ELD-X

5 rd groups at 100yards. 200 yard zero.

The 1st thing I did after owning rifle for about a year was do a full betting the job. I must have watched several hours of YouTube and read everything I could find on glass bedding. This made a great improvement in the consistency and accuracy!

Next was to install a Timney trigger. I cannot describe how much this helped to improve my groups.

The following fall I took my 1st elk with the rifle at 420 yards.

This was back when I had the factory Nikko Stirling scope on it. Which by the way has probably 600 through it. Still a decent scope but I now have a 12x SWFA SS MOA-quad on the rifle and I really like that.

This has been very intresting and I learned alot along the way. Now I'm working on my first custom rifle. Should have it back from the gunsmith any day now with a new break on it and the next journey begins.

Happy hunting.


H4831 is also what I have used in my 270 Win. But I have also had good accuracy with RL22 and IMR4350.
My rifle is a Weatherby Vanguard in a B&C hunting stock. It shoots pretty good but I just haven’t hunted with it in a few years.
SWFA 12X sounds like a Montana Marine influence. Great shooting rifle and congrats on your loads and elk.
I love my Weatherby Vanguard/howa.
Mine was a 300wm but rebarreled it to 338/375 xl. I just tuned up the factory trigger and took it down to 2lbs. Hated the factory stock so it now sits in a manners t2. Shoots in the .2-.4 moa depending on how my day is going.
Did you bed the action and free float the barrel or did you go the length of the stock or a pressure point at the end of the stock? I ask because I have a couple of vanguards and they come with a pressure point at the end of the stock. I bedded the action on one and free floated it. The other I haven’t done anything with yet, but thinking over what to do with it.
I just bed the action and barrel is floated. I went with a barrel nut barrel from McGowen so I didn’t want any bedding there. I always float the barrel when bedding
I did a full length bedding on the action and floated the barrel as well. I did add quite a bit of apoxy to the forearm to make it more rigid and add some weight.
Congrats MT_Swagger, another 270Aficionado is made ,thks for posting & great pix,someone mentioned Montana Marine , you couldn't pick a Finer mentor period , hey keep us posted on your new rig ok ? Thks n Cheers !!!
That's a nice looking rifle you got there MT.
Thanks man I think so too. It's kind of my budget dream rifle. If that's even a thing kind of an oxymoron. I've invested a couple grand and this one so far in a doesn't even have good glass on it yet. Lol
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