glass bedding

  1. W

    Bedding a Remington model 7

    I have a Remington model 7 with the factory laminate thumb hole stock, I decided to free float the barrel to try and improve grouping and it got slightly better. Its chambered in 300 SAUM. I’m now looking into bedding it myself but can’t see to find pillers that work, has anyone had any luck...
  2. Jack300WSM

    Recoil lug bedding and Cortina Brake

    I’ve been tweaking my CA Ridgeline for awhile now. It’s a 300wsm. Settled on 61.0g of H4350 under 185 Berger H VLDs seated .002” off lands. With this load I was getting around 3/4” groups with stock rifle and Eric Cortina tuner brake installed. I went through Eric’s setup routine but could never...
  3. U

    Browning Xbolt 7mm RM only groups well when hot

    I bought a browning xbolt 7mm RM about a year ago. I have never really been able to get it to shoot consistently. I’ve tried lots of different factory loads and none have grouped well. Hornady, federal, nosler. I started working up a load for the gun and in the last month have found a couple...
  4. MT_Swagger

    Accurizing a factory howa 1500 .270 win

    I got this rifle for Christmas a few years back. And I started reloading at the same time. Not really sure how well it would have shot when it was brand new. I was a beginning reloader, and I wouldn't say I was a good shot at the time. But this is how it shoots now with good loads. H4831...