Accuracy limits of Remington 700 Police in .300 WinMag

Christian F.

Mar 28, 2009
Hi out there,

I am wondering about the achievable accuracy of my Remington 700 Police (.300 WinMag). Up front, I shoot regularly and often with calibers >= 7 mm.

I bought myself some month ago a Remington 700 Police in .300 WinMag, as I am keen to shoot long distance (>> 400 m).

As this rifle is well known as a sniper rifle and that .300 WinMag is predestined for this I was quit comfortable at the beginning with my choice. The rifle has a Loipold Mark 4 (mounted by a professional gunsmith in Germany).

At the beginning I used Federal 150 grain Speer Hot-cor SP and started shooting at 100 m in order to get used to the rifle. In my groups of shots I have had often 2 hits less than a cm apart and all of a sudden one, which was about 3 cm away from the ones before.

I thought that the reason is the commercial loaded rounds.

A friend who is quite an expert in reloading, made my some rounds with Hornady 168 grain bullets (L=84,5 mm, Powder 904, 69 grain). The groups have become slightly better; nevertheless every 3rd shot or so is more than 3 cm away from the ones before!

Has anybody encounter the same thing? Any explanations for this?

There is no question that I have had trigger pulling error, believe me!

Sorry for my English and looking forward to your inputs.

Take care and cheers from Germany

Have your friend load some more rounds at different lengths, say every .010".

Not sure where you are in relation to the lands already, but I usually start at the lands or .005" off and see how they do. If there not doing what I think they should, I stary seating them deeper by .010".
I love the 700 PSS and am curently trying to aquire another one in 7mm Rem Mag. In my experience they tend to like the heavier match style bullets. In the 300 WM I would look into the 190 and 210 grain Berger VLD. And also as said before slow the shot times down. Even the MK 13 300WM can't put 3 rounds into a small group utilizing a rapid fire rate.
Christian F.,
Your rifle should be capable of 1/2" MOA as far as you care to shoot. If your rifle is newly acquired don't forget proper barrel break-in. Seems my .300WinMag Sendero did the same thing for the first 75-100 shots, always had a dad-blasted flier. Also make sure the action/barrel isn't binding in that HS Precision stock and is torqued to 65in/lbs.
What is your trigger set at? I like mine set to no greater than 2lbs. Let us know. JohnnyK.
Your rifle is a good choice. I have had absolutely excellent results with two similar rifles. I will suggest what I did to those rifles. First, comfort is essential (for me) to accurate shooting. Add a suppressor or brake. While the rifle is at the gunsmith, have the action bedded and the trigger tuned.

Next, a little load work and a better bullet (I love the 210 Berger) will help you achieve the rifles accuracy potential. There really is no guessing how accurate your rifle will be. However, the two I worked with shot well under .5"!

Good luck.
I've got this gun in a 300 win mag I've bedding the stock and installed a timney trigger set to 2lbs it's gone now having a muzzle brake installed the gun is around .5 moa with the new hornady eld-x 200 grn does anyone have any suggestions on this gun or load to help me improve I'm new to long range shooting and I have alot to learn
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