A little info concerning Wildcat Bullets


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Jun 11, 2005
Yakima, Washington
I've noticed in the last weeks a lot of questions about the Wildcat bullets and just thought I'd share some info although a lot of you already know this but, like me, may have gotten a little impatient.

Paul bought a company and it's equipment from Canada, moved it all down to the states and went through the long drawn out hassles of trying to start a new business governed by our government agencies. Just the purchase and movement of the company was a big undertaking and then the problems with space for equipment and production came up along with prolonged waits for all of the necessary paper work.

I know that I, for one, became curious initially and then a little impatient although I blame it on knowing what was coming and just being very anxious.

I can tell you that Paul has proven to be a stand up guy that is working his butt off to get his company to where he wants it and I can assure you that it will be worth the wait. I have talked with him several times and can assure you that he is doing all he can, as quickly as he can, to overcome a big load of startup problems and will hopefully have production up to where he wants it very soon.

I was fortunate in being able to shoot some of the first bullets he made as well as some that won't be seen in production for a while and they shoot just like the one's that Richard made. I buy my bullets from Paul just like everyone else does and recently received a bucket of long awaited bullets and they look sweeeet.

This is an unsolicited response to a problem that we are all trying to be patient with and I hope that we can all endure the startup pains and work with Paul during his production expansions. I can tell you that it will be well worth the wait.
Paul spent a good bit of effort on quality control up front and I participated in that to the extent I could get range time with his bullets. I believe that people will be happy with them.
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