A little hammer goes a long way

What's the meat compare to on those capes? I see the villagers race to get it after a kill
Kind of typical for bush neat except for the back straps and tenderloins. It's tough. Think 'canner and cutter' grade. Eland was really really good - much more tender. Kudu - similar to elk. Best meat in camp was zebra! Shockingly superior to everything else.

I get a hoot out of the eastern foodies who rave about Bison! I find it comparable to bush meat - low on fat, tough and little flavor. I'm totally spoiled on elk, moose, Antelope, caribou— oh + prime grade corn fed beef. Of course I buy 80/20 ground beef, not 90/10. Why would I pay almost double per pound for Bison compared to good beef?

The go to protein in the camps for the government employees was impala. When they were hungry they told us to shoot more impala. I told them (in Tanzania, no less,) that my wife and I were out of impala tags. They said shoot until we tell you to stop! Nothing went to waste. We were feeding 70+ staff a day.

Neither wife nor I enjoyed the flavor or texture of elephant or hippo, though. When you live in a world where everything is hungry - including You - taste and texture are not your first priorities! Protein rules.

I see why lions favor zebras. Great eating! We shot so much game I got worried about ammo. Ran out of 338 win mag, last day had 5 rounds of 375H&H left + 10 round of 416 Rigby. Close call. Started with 120 rounds of each.
WOW!!! I enjoyed reading that, you sir are living my dream, good for you and your wife, I am surprised about the zebra..that's interesting, the best meat I've been fortunate to try was a mule deer that I killed on an alfalfa farm in Colorado, I also love elk and the occasional possum me living in kentucky and all..just kidding..that's awesome sir