A little hammer goes a long way


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Mar 7, 2015
Greetings all. I got to try out the 22 cal 52 grain hammer hunter yesterday on a 200 pound razor back and I must say that for that size bullet I am impressed with the damage it did. Impact was just below the right eye and the exit was on the point of the left shoulder, the right side of the skull was mush the neck bone was severed completely along with a lot of tissue damage. Thats a lot of hard bone and muscle to tear through . Now I don't know much about shooting bullets through gel...I've never tried that but I do shoot a lot of critters and I've never seen this small of a bullet do this kind of damage...just thought I'd share the real world info.
I have started 6 kids on deer with a 223. I settled on the 60 grain Nosler Partition as the pinnacle bullet in 223 for deer.
Always opens/expands where some of the coppers I had didn't open and left pin holes through deer at 250 yards.
I have only recovered two of these 60 gr Nos Part. Both went diagonally from front end of the deer to the back end of the deer and stopped just under the hide of the back ham. They shed the entire front lead portion and the back half of the partition keeps on going and going and going...

This hog damage has me intrigued. I may have to try some of these hammers in 223 if I get a chance. Maybe when I have grand kids. All my kids have moved up to the bigger style of cavitating, hydrostatic shocking, knock down power producing version of deer slaying calibers.
The Hammer bullets do a great job, I have been using the 44 grain hunter in a 22 K Hornet I call it my triple P perfect pig popper
I don't waist my time with any other bullet than hammers they do it all . Just about the time I'll settle on a load Steve will come up with another bullet keeps it interesting.