a little bit about me.

Welcome, glad to have you here. Thank you for your military service. What caliber and rifle are you using?
Welcome!!! I hope you enjoy this site, many of us do, but it is very addictive:D
What are the specs of the long range rig you are planning to build?
the rig im getting made right now is a 300 rum by hired gun. starting with a sendero and now i've got a muzzle break from holland on it and a rifle basic's trigger. when i get some more money im goin to put hollands hot rod rail on it with leupold mark 4 rings and a nightforce 5.5-22 glass. and of course im shooting the big berger bullet. next im going to try to save up and have a 338 edge built. :D
Sounds like it'll be a sweet rifle. Once completed you'll have to post some pics.
Looks like a nice rig, let us know when you have it ready and how it shoots. Good luck and happy new year.
Welcome to the site , Heavy hitter.
You are fortunate to have started hunting and shooting at your age.
You have a lifetime of enjoyment ahead of you.
Hopefully, you will post some pics of your rifle.
Thank you for your service.
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