A Few Questions from a New Custom LR Rifle Owner

Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by FullCurlHunter, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. FullCurlHunter

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    Apr 5, 2006
    Hello all, been a while since I have frequented the LRH forums. That said, I am the proud new owner of a custom long range rifle.

    Remington 700 action
    29" Brux SS Bull Barrel
    7mm Remington Ultra Mag
    Printed & trued action
    Lightended Factory Trigger to 2.5"
    Aftermarket Lug
    Glass Bedded
    Nightforce Rail
    Burris Tactical Rings
    Nightforce 8-32x56mm NXS Zero Stop with NP-R1 reticle
    I am going to install a Defensive Edge Cheekpiece purchased from the LRH online store (thanks Len!).

    That said, I have a couple of questions:

    -The rifle came a few boxes of Berger 168 gr VLDs so I would like to stick with this bullet as I already have them and I hear they are a great bullet.

    -My Dad reloads for me and was checking into max OAL that the factory magazine box would allow (box measures 3.690" ID) and how much freebore would exist from the lands in the barrel to the ogave of the bullet given this max OAL in the magazine box.

    -Allowing for .030 clearance between the tip of the bullet and end of magazine box, the bullet's ogave would be .180 off the lands... much farther than what Berger recommends (.010 to .130) per their technical bulletin.

    That said, I am interested in putting in the Wyatt Extended Magazine Box which will increase possible OAL of the round by approximately .300 bringing me much closer to the lands and within Berger's recommended "sweet spot range".

    That said;

    1. Is the Wyatt CFE-9 center feed box the correct choice given the application? Inside length is 3.990" providing an additional .300 in cartridge OAL compared to the factory box which measures at 3.690"...

    2. Is it too late to install the Wyatt extended magazine box now that the rifle has already been glass bedded or is the fact that the rifle is bedded not going to be an issue installing?

    3. Does this require a gunsmith to install the box or is this something that I can do myself (i.e. drop-in/minor fitting)?

    4. Should I worry about being .180 off the lands in that it is much higher than recommended for berger bullets and is the extended box the suggested solution so the rifle is not just a single shooter?

    Thank you, I appreciate your suggestions.

  2. gillettehunter

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Load some up .180 off of the lands and see what kind of accuracy you have. You might not have to do anything. Good luck. Bruce
  3. Outlaw6.0

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    Feb 18, 2010

    Ditto, shoot it first.

    On your other questions, I believe you have to have a 'smith install the extended magazine.

  4. azsugarbear

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    Sep 20, 2005
    +1. Shoot her first at the max length the box will allow and she how she does. Just a couple of thoughts: (1) Have you tried to re-contact the Seller? Most are very willing to share what they know about a rifle they used to own. (2) Although the rifle is set up as a repeater, it is entirely possible the previous owner used it as a "single shot" in order to get the COL of his reloads where they needed to be. Many LRH hunting rigs are used as single shot because quick follow-up shots are often not necessary when shooting at game a long ways off. Lots of possibilities here. I would explore them all before spending $$$$ to fix/improve something that may not be necessary.