7mm wsm zeroing


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Oct 23, 2012
hello,i have a browning blr in 7mm wsm shooting winchesters ballistic silver tips 140 grain.i hunt moose mostly with it and i was wondering what the best range to zero at.most shots are between 200 and 300 yards and sometime a little bit longer and shorter.
200 yards works. 1" high at 100 will put you right where you need to be. How well does the Silvertip perform on moose?
our moose here in newfoundland were im from aint as big as the alskan ones but my brother shot a young bull with the gun 2 weeks ago and the bullet expanded nice and stuck right on the inside of the skin on the opposite side.i had a offer for my gun just last night for a good price.i think i might get a 300 wsm.they seem to be good guns to and my local outdoors store has bushnell legend ultra hd 4.5x14x44 on for 50 %off.sounds like a good combo
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