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Mar 25, 2011
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Looking for something more than the 6.5 CM I have and just wanted some feedback from 7mm RM shooters that reload. Bullet choice, velocity, accuracy, performance on Elk etc
What twist rate to most 7mm RM have ?
Twist rate of a factory 7mm rem mag is normally 9.5 or 9.25.

I have one factory rifle in 7mm mag and it shoots half MOA with Berger 180 VLD. I've reloaded for friends and family in a few other of them in factory rifles and I can consistently get around 1/2 MOA without load development. I've used the same powder amount in all of them and bullets .015" into lands.

One of those buddies shot a 6x6 elk with me last year in the neck at 270 yards with my handloads and it dropped instantly. Didn't hit spine but it left a baseball sized exit wound.

I find it comparable to my .300 win mag in all aspects, except I've found the 7mm mag to be less picky for load development
I have been hunting/shooting the 7mmRM cartridge for over 16 years now. I've had about 5 of them during that span, it's one of my all-time favorites. Berger 168 to 195 grain bullets are good options. If you plan to shoot heavier than a 168, I'd go for the 1:8 twist barrel. Precision accuracy can be achieved with any cartridge, the quality of the rifle, ammo components, and load skill is what determines the accuracy.

As for elk performance, I have no idea. Never shot an elk, but I know that lots of people have killed elk with no issues with them. One guy on here killed a huge moose at almost 1,000 yards with a 7mmRM.
I've killed 3 elk , and a moose with my 7 rem mag . 2 elk were shot with a 160 accubond , one ran 10 or 20 yards . 1 elk and the moose was shot with a 160 TTSX . both went farther than they should have . both were alive , but couldn't get up when I tracked them down , requiring a finishing shot . with the right bullet the 7 rem mag is capable of elk and moose . as always , you need proper shot placement .
I have used a Model 700 7rem mag 9.25 twist for about 7 years. I have used 175 vld, 175 eldx, 175 gamekings, all with RETUMBO and a liitle playing around and they all shoot sub moa at 2900-2950 fps.

Have harvested 3 bulls, 4 cows, 3 antelope, 1 whitetail buck

all the above bullets did the job fine, not tracking any of them BUT shot placement is the ticket.

The bergers proably kill the best BUT if you want to eat the meat I suggest don't go with them. Head shots with the eldx so cannot say much about them.[the bull for my profile pic was eldx @ 450 yards] The buck was quartering away at 75 yards and shot with gamekings and it was perfection, it went 25 yards and little to no loss of meat

Hope this is what you wanted ☺
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Have several and a good bit of experience reloading for different models. Trend of course seems to be heavier and higher bc bullets in recent years. Just back from SCI show and 28 Nosler seemed to be the latest and greatest of the .284s from some of the custom manufactures. I like to ask "what do you use" to get that answer. On the old 7mm Standard twist over the years for me 9 1/4 and for hunting anything in the 160-168 grain with H1000, Retumbo or H4831 does the trick running approx 3000 fps. For the heavier bullets seeing today maybe a bit faster twist.
GD, plenty of Az elk, muleys, antelope killed with the 7mm RM. The 7 Mag is a very capable and accurate caliber. Best hand loads we've found was 168 Berger with H1000 in factory 1:9.25 barrels.
26" 1:8.5" Bartlein
180 Berger Hybrid over H1000 @ 2996fps
Last 2 years, this combo has killed 2 AZ elk. 1 big cow @ 75 yards, 1 good bull @ 662 yards. Both in the crease, both exited, both dead very quickly.

I love the 7RM. It is a pretty good step up in performance over the 6.5 CM in terms of energy and ballistics. Low recoil, great projectiles available, and it will reach way out there. Ballistics at 1000+ will be heavily in favor of the 7RM. I shoot 175 Berger EH at ~3020 with a 26" 1-8.5 twist barrel and Retumbo. I prefer 30 cal for elk, but I have used the Berger bullet on mule deer and antelope with great success out to 600+ yards.
I'd done some killing with the 7mm Remington bigger brother 7mm mashburn and put a good bullet in the right place and good things happen. Have a 7mm Remington now and will hopefully in a month be sending a 180 berger at 2900fps into an Aoudad
take a look at the Hornady and Nosler bullets.
Hornady - 162, 175 and 180 grain ELD-X and ELD-M
Nosler - 168 and 175 grain Accubond Long Range

You can get any of these bullets to 3,000+ FPS and you will crush anything you shoot.
Can't go wrong. Depending on your itch, there are more interesting options. I didn't say better, just more interesting.
My group at 200 yds with my all time favorite load!! This is from a basic Savage 7mm LRH. Have yet to find a rifle this load didn't shoot great with!

Wait for it ....

Base to ogive 3.745 (.015 0ff the lands)
168gr berger vld
Winchester brass
Winchester magnum primer
Fps 3037 (24"barrel) 9FPS extreme spread

Not hot what so ever (in my rifle anyways)


Your welcome
I'm a big fan of the "Big 7". My dad and grandfather have hunted with them for years. My grandfather got his first one in the early 70s and my dad got his in the early 90s. Both have taken mature bull moose, bear, and God only knows how many whitetails. You'll definitely notice the big advantage in ballistics over your creed. Mainly in how hard it hits and the flatter trajectory. I bought one because that's what I grew up with and I really like the cartridge. I'm pushing 162s at over 3100 fps...... that's really bad deer medicine and the ballistics are nothing short of impressive for a lighter bullet. I'll almost always reach for my 7mm Mag when i head for the woods. Eventually I'll build a more long range oriented 7mm to show the cartridges true potential. The new 7mm bullets that are coming is breathing new life into the old war horse. I'd strongly recommend a 1:8 twist.
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