7mm Rem Ultra Mag 1/8 twist


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Aug 10, 2008
Genola, Utah
I recently built a 7mm RUM with a 1/8 creager barrelgun), It shoots 168 and 180 Bergers great but my COL. is longer than my magazine. I'm hunting Grizzly bear in about three weeks and am looking for help with a good hunting load for my 1/8 twist. Having extra rounds in the mag could prove to be beneficial to my life's longevity.
Two good bullet's to try, the 160gr Accubond and the Sierra 175gr sbt.
btw most likely your barrel is a Krieger
A good bullet for backup in a 7 RUM is a 175gr round nose.

They can be loaded longer and still fit in the magazine.

I know this is not a long range bullet but out to 300 or 400yrds
they are devastating and very accurate.

Most dangerous game bullets are round noses for a reason and with a
little experimenting with loads they can be made to shoot the same zero at
100 and 200yrds.

Think outside the box.
:DYes my barrel is a Krieger 1/8 twist. I just returned from town with some 160 Accubond and 175 Sierra's, Ill check back later today for any other suggestions. Until then ill be in the reloading room.
Thanks for all the help, All of the input is appreciated.
one more recomendation 175 grains a-frame better than partitions and enything else
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