7mm Rem Mag


Oct 7, 2004
Savannah Ga.
Will a 7mm Rem Mag be Good on Whitetail deer out to 800 yards in bean field hunting. Thinking of having a gun built and I am a little scared the recoil of the newer mags will mess up my accuracy. Most of the deer will be shot from 200-500 yards.
Ya, no problem.
With some 162 a-maxes or 160 accubonds- I have used 168 Berger VLD's with great sucess on critters out to 950 yrds in my 7mm Rem Mag. I would recomend a long barrel- i.e. 26"-28" mine is 28"- so you can push em' fast. Just do some practicing at that kind of range before you do any hunting.
This past Sunday my big brother filled a once in a life time Desert Bighorn Sheep tag using my 7mm RemMag with 160gr Accubonds,He could have used any of my Guns but he chose the 7mag for exactly the reasons you stated he was scared of the recoil of my big boomers and he felt comfortable shooting my Sako 7mm RemMag .If you are comfortable shooting a rifle you will shoot it much better than one you are scared of, and yes it has enough punch for a white tail at 800yds.if you do your part.
p.s.Will try and post pic's of ram soon
My question is do you have a 8 X 32 power scope to even see a deer and place a shot at 800.

Look at a chart of how much bullet drop your talking about.

I don't guess and wound an animal with my 24 power scope even with the power of my STW 7mm. that was made for 1000 yard target shoots.



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The 7mm Rem Mag would be a good choice given your recoil concerns. I turned to my 7 mag to save wear and tear on my Warbird while I am developing my long range skills. I'm shooting 160 Accubonds at 2975fps and having a blast. To answer a question my drop at 800 yrds from a 200 yrd zero is 116". That's 58 clicks (or 2 short of a full turn) up on my 4.5-14 Leupold for a dead on hold. I have used this rifle shooting a 162gr Hornady to take a 600+ lb bull elk at 550 yrds. Should work on whitetails at least that far.

Good luck with your new endevor and welcome.
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