7mm Rem mag brass

Natty Bumpo

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Jan 4, 2008
Will be getting a Savage 116 in 7mm Rem Mag soon. Wanted members' opinions on brass: preferences for Remington or Winchester. Don't want to get Nosler; I've heard from too many people that it's too soft. Am I missing any other component manufacturers that make 7mm mag brass?
No experience with Winchester brass. Nosler (pricey) and Remington show good results. Hornady also makes 7mm RM brass.
I used Remington brass alot with the first 7Mag Sendero that I owned. I picked up some Norma brass, headstamped Weatherby, and it has been very good brass. I have run about 4-5 hot loads through them and the primer pockets are getting loose. I purchased the primer pocket swaging tool and it helped a little but not as much as I hoped. I will keep using it and the Norma brass as long as I can. I annealed it last time and it is still providing great accuracy.
One of my shooting/reloading buddies uses nothing but and swears by Winchester brass. He's had more than one shooting lesson from me though. :) Your mileage will vary. JohnnyK.
I ran Winchester brass exclusively in mine and I really liked it. Winchester brass is some hard stuff. I had 8 loadings in mine and it was still going strong.
8 loadings...that's pretty good...are you doing anything special...lite loads, annealing...just curious.
Nothing special with the loads. They were loaded warm but nothing pushing any limits (last chrony was about 2900ish w/ 168 bergers), I'd share the load data but I lost all of it when my old computer crashed. I never annealed the brass but wish I had just to see what happened.
Just out of curiosity I looked at the Sierra load manual for 168 although smk and not Berger and the accuracy load listed as RE-19 2950 fps and max load 3000 out of 26" tube. So it doesn't sound like your pushing it. 8 reloading nery nice, good to know about the Win brass.
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I running winchester brass in my 7mm rem. Just found my pet load finally this weekend. 68.5 grains of H1000 gave me 2930fps in a 26" McGowen barrel. Made the prettyest little one hole group at 200 yards. Moved back to 400 and missed the wind a touch but still had a four shot group with less than and inch of vertical spread.
we use winchester brass only in several guns
Have had great luck so far. 7+ loads with no problems
the loads not to hot or warm usally we load right in the middle
of the chart.
dont have a chrono so we load for groups
I have found a few bad cases from time to to, Split necks ect
have contacted winchester and sent them back
they say they will make it right
still waiting for a response back
i have used them all . one guns now is nosler the other is nickel remington . the nickel is pretty and tough and cheap
I'm running Federal right now. Have 100 new Winchester just waiting to go to the bench but the Federal's have proven to be quite accurate for me and a lot of loadings 8+ no pocket issues and I do anneal. Running the 168's at 2950 the 160's 3075, 140's 3250. Browning A-bolt SS 26" factory.
Thanks for all the replies. What I'm hearing is some guys swear by Winchester, and some guys swear by Remington. Doesn't appear to be a concensus one way or another. Just checked a couple websites and was surprised to see Federal brass for sale at Midsouth. Didn't think they sold brass for components. Also found Norma brass at another site. Don't think I want to pay 1.35 per case (I already load for .257 Weatherby and 6.5X47 Lapua, so I've got enough pricey brass to buy).
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