7mm Rem Accumark Range Report.


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Oct 23, 2009
I went to the range today to see how it liked the 168 vld's. I started at magazine length which put me .069 off the lands and went back in .04 increments to around .150. My test load was 69grains of retumbo with rem 9.5 primers and winchester casings. Out of the loads it liked magazine depth the best. I shot two groups, one measured just over 1" and the other measured .7". The other two depths I tried werent even close. Groups were anywhere from 2"-4." I guess now Ill bump up the powder charge and see what it likes best. What do you guys think I should try next? Any input appreciated.
Does the accumark have a short magazine? In my Rem 700 I seat the 168 berger just into the lands and still have plenty of length left in the magazine.
I am using 73 gr H1000, Federal 215 primer, Federal case, getting 3087 from a 26" barrel. Groups around 0.5 - 0.7 inch at 100yds.

After you have tried upping the powder charge, try varying the primer. I have heard that using a non-magnum primer can reduce your group size ( not sure if rem 9.5 primer is magnum or not).

I guess.... mag length is 3.66." I think the throat is just a little long. With 69 grains im guessing im getting around 2800 fps maybe. Its pretty mild, I figured max would be around 73 grains.
My guess is that Weatherby uses lots of freebore on everything.....even non WBY chamberings.

Just a guess, of course.
Yeah it seems like it. Not quite as much as the weatherby mags but still more than normal. If you try to seat a bullet to the lands in a weatherby mag the bullet will fall out of the case before it reaches.
Looks pretty good. I would keep uping the horsepower and keep my eyes peeled for a sweet spot. Let her cool a little between shots and cool alot between groups. Make sure the rifle is rock solid stable for your testing. Eliminate as much of the human error factor as possible to get an accurate gauge of the load and rifle. If the trigger is adjustable I would take it way down for load testing.

Its always exciting breaking in a new rig. Kinda like those first couple weeks of dating an attractive woman. I hope she turns out to be a keeper.

Thanks for the update! Keep us posted.
Kiwi I run the same load of 73 gr of H1000 but Im pulling 3175 out of a 27.5" Shilen. David Tubb tought me a special way to break in a barrel and get better velocities :D Anyways, my gun was a left handed Accumark to start life but have run through 4 barrels since then. I load mine to mag length and it shoots in the .3s at 3.337.
i use h-4831 and re-19 with 168 bergers. i had best reults with wlrm and rem 9 1/2m primers. nosler brass
Went to the range today. Shot 3 shot groups at 100 working from 70 up to 72.5 grains of retumbo in half grain increments. First few shot around 1.5". 72.5 seemed the best at right around an inch. I had no pressure signs so im going to try to bump it up until I do and see. It seems to like em hotter anyway. Groups were real consistent as far a clover leaf shaped. No stringing which is good for me.
My 168's liked to run about 3000 fps. RL22 or vv560 at 64-66grains. Accuracy fell off dramatically when it got much above 3000fps.

my 2 cents.
Mine seem to run best around the 3100 range. I have pushed them to 3200 but they have an occasional stray. That is with Bergers. The JLK's like 3150 range with 73 gr of H1000. JLK's shoot around .5" at 200 pretty consistant.

Bought some 168 SMK's to see how they shoot. I have always had better luck with them on paper at closer ranges but this is a new barrel with only 108 rounds down the pipe.

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