7mm mag Sendero reloads??


Aug 24, 2008
Does anyone have any suggestions for 162gr. A-max, and H 4831sc. I am new to reloading and need some help.
You'll need to try H1000 to get you over the 3000fps hump. 71grs to 75grs max!! Hornady's reloading book will show that. I had a highly accurate load with imr7828 but it was only 2900fps and defeated the long range energy needed for the kill.
i use h-4831 long cut for my loading. and many on here have had good results with re-25. i think by following the manual you should get 2900 fps which is plenty
Does anyone have any suggestions for 162gr. A-max, and H 4831sc.

H4831sc is a favorite powder for the target shooters because of it's consistency.
Works for me.

Punching holes in large game animals is almost a different issue. I've always thought the idea was to have a fairly stout load to inflict some serious damage, and use the slower loads for trigger time at the range. :D

Using H1000 I got great targets but when I got close to 3000 fps the primers were flowing into the firing pin hole pretty good.

I use Mag Pro over a WLR primer, and 162 Hornadys. As I worked my way up the load ladder, my Chrony said 3055 fps with more than 67 grains. And good accuracy, but not target accuracy ( 1 MOA ). No high pressure signs. There might be an accuracy node at higher speeds, but I quit here. :cool:

Guess it depends what you want the rifle to do.

JM .02
Thanks for the advice 4bycamper. I guess I didn't say what I wanted the gun to do. I want the best of both worlds if possible. That might be a long stretch, but with alot of the posts I've read, it's not impossible. Is it true you need to have the ES on a chrony to be between 20 and 30 fps for long range work? THanks everyone!!!
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