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Nov 26, 2007
I am thinking of a new biuld and am considering a 7mm-08. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this caliber. I would be using this rifle for a 5-600 yard deer in a sporter weight rifle. I am also intertaining the idea of an ackley improved 7mm-08 although, I have heard that for this cartridge the work is not worth the gain. Any help would be appreciated.

The 7:08 is a great round, I have one in a remington model 7 ss 20" barrel. It would not be my first choice for shooting deer size game to 600 yards, varmits wold be fine. The 284 winchester might be a better choice. With handloads it will give you the same performace as a 7mm mag with less powder and less recoil.
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