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Jan 26, 2011
Looking for some loads for new 7mm-08 rem 700 , 24" barrel cld model .

Bullets I am lookin at 140 VDL
150 accubond
140 accubond .

I have order a 4x16 -50 vortex PSE scope

An 15 MOA rail
Vortex low rings

Never loaded for this gun will take it out for brake in first .
What kind of velocitys out of what powders are you getting ?
And what brass will Remington do ?
Like using federal match primer have 2,500

Hunting and shooting in Texas ,

Also how far are you shooting your 7mm-08 ?

I will say all the info off this site has been vary helpful in loading for my 308 and 300 ultra Both sub moa guns after help from this site and persistence .
140 gr abs
46 gr Win 760
cci mag primers
seated .015 off the lands

Been using this for the last few years. This has been accurate in my Savage fss. Have taken deer every year as well, dont have to track very for either
I have been using the 140 NAB in my son's Savage 11 7mm-08 with a 22" barrel. Getting 2810fps with the load below. He took his first deer last year at 350 yards with it and deer dropped in its tracks. Bullet passed completely through.

Remington Brass
42.2gr Varget
WLR primer
Bullet seated .030" from lands
I have found that my Savage classic likes the 140gr the best. I have harvested deer (all mulies) from 250yrd to 20 yrds with various manufactures bullets with excellent accuracy from sierra, nosler and barnes (MRX) now unavailable due to high manufacturing costs. I use H-380 and RL-15 (Rl-15) took 1/2" off of my group and is cuurently my favorite powder with h-380 as my backup. I always load slighly under max in the mid 2600's fps Im not hunting Rino's im shooting for accuracy. I have harvested my Buck 3 of 4 years with a grand total of 4 rounds spent. I use seirra, lyman books and Hogdens online loading guides.
Federal and CCI primers and Winchester brass. My suggestion, load 15 rounds of several combinations, find one you like and shoot, shoot, shoot
Personally I would get some federal brass, and use H4350 with fed210Ms, starting at about 45grns with the 140 berger .010" in or .010" out of the lands and work up. You should be able to find an accurate load that runs 2950+. Id use the same for 150s just start 2grns lower and go with .030-.050" jump.
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