7 SAUM now w/ pic


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Mar 18, 2012
Wolfesville, MD
I just about have everything together for my new rifle, the action is ordered and will ship next week. The specs are

Stiller Tac 30 SA
Rockcreek 7mm 8.5 twist 26" Rem Varmint contour chambered in
7 mm SAUM and Cerracoated
Muscle Brake 3 port
Greybull stock Olive green w/ black webbing
Burris 30 mm Zee rings
Leupold Mark 4 8.5x25x50 scope
reworked Remmy Trigger
total weight expected at 11.75-12 lbs

for load development this barreled action will also mount in a single shot 3" Cherry custom Benchrest stock

Pics to follow in the New Yr when I get it back
Re: New 7mm SAUM Rifle Build

Nice selection of componets for your rifle, you are going to love it. What bullets, powder, primers, and brass are you looking at starting with?
Re: New 7mm SAUM Rifle Build

I've done some reading over at 6br.com and will start w/ 7828, H-4831 and RE-22 as far as powders and I have all the Bergers 140, 168, 180 VLD's. Remington brass has been weight sorting and neck checking but since my smith does not have tight neck reamer so I won't be turning them yet.I'm using some old stock Winchesters magnum primers but when I switch to the stick powders I'm thinking of trying the Fed 210's

Any suggestions?

For close range hunting I have been using 139 Hornady's BTSP out of a factory 7 saum and either HV-100 or Superperformance which meters really well but haven't played w/ the chrony to see any performance like I'll need at longer ranges
Re: New 7mm SAUM Rifle Build

The rifle is finished and ready for pick up, pics should be on here by the weekend!!!
Re: 7 SAUM now w/ pics

Haven't shot it yet, but won't be long better pics to come when I get my wife's camera
weight is less than I thought 11.24 lbs

You are killiing me, I'm waiting for "the call" myself on my barreled action from benchmark,,,very similar to yours,

Man, brass is in short supply right now, but have 50 pieces of rem, and 50 pieces of nosler 300saum I necked down. Not my favorite, just because you loose a lot of neck length

Good looking rifle!
I started load development yesterday and here is the best so far
59 gr H-4831 180 Berger Hunting VLD and CCI BR-2 Primer
I think it has potential looks to be about .4" at 100 yds
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