7.82 Lazzeroni Warbird,,Update(sort of)

Dave King

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May 3, 2001

I've had similar experiences, but not as long a wait as you are having. The smith no doubt has many customers and EVERYONE wants thier rifle back early or ASAP. The different smiths I've used move the guns around in the work queue based on the immediate needs of the customer(s). If I didn't call the smith, he generally figured I was content to wait.
I'd call and remind him of the time you've waited and see if you can get bumped up to the front/near front of the work list. After all, I'm sure you have a hunt coming up soon and NEED the rifle.
My approach is a bit different then Dave's.

I do believe I would be taking a trip to where the rifle was shipped to.

It's a shame when someone can't respond to your requests as to the estimated time of delivery.

There are MANY excellent Gunsmiths who could do the work for you in a timely manner and probably every bit as good.

If it's been a YEAR PLUS, get your money and equipment back OR ask for a delivery date as SOON as possible. That's terrible to wait that long for service.

I have found that, you should never give money up front unless it's just to pay for a stock, barrel or action. Never the gunsmith's fee.

I'm just reading what you have posted and possibly there's more to it then that?

As long as the chamber is STRAIGHT, there is a premium barrel installed and the outfit is put in the stock correctly, it's up to you to put the correct bullet and powder combination together. Of course your shooting ability has a lot to do with it also.

It would be a cold day, you know where, that I would wait that long for gunsmith service and I don't care what gunsmith or company.

That's my 2 cents worth.


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Well Guys, here it is another month passed and still no rifle. I Emailed Broad Creek 2 days ago and no response yet. I'm sure this is on the up and up but it's been close to a year now and I still don't have my rifle. He has my rifle, $600, 2 boxes of factory shells, $200, my Leupold 6.5 x 20 30mm scope,
$695, and my check for the work, $1000, already cashed by the way, and I have nothing. I really don't know what to do. I don't want to hammer the guy, I know he is very busy, but I would like to see my rifle again. I guess all I can do is wait some more.
Hey guys thanks for the replys. Darryl I don't really follow what you mean about it's up to me to put the bullet and powder combination together. Perhaps I was not clear either. I had Lazzeroni ship cartridges directly to the smith because he tests fires every thing he builds and I had no brass or anything. He stated to me that he would not allow anything out of his shop that did not meet his standards so he needed something to fire in it. He will of course ship my brass back to me and then we proceed onward from there.
The last info I had as to the actual work that had been performed was that all of the work required,ie trigger, forearm hanger etc,
to make a Number One shoot had been done and the wait was now for the barrel. Last month (April) I received an email saying that the rifle would be finished and shipped by the end of May. I hope it's close. I found out about this smith in an article by Jon Sundra who had had similar work done on a number one and since I am pretty fond of the rifle, I jumped at the chance to have a custom built. Perhaps I should have heeded the old saying, Look before you leap. I really thought I had done my homework on this one and it may yet turn out to be ok except for the length of time it took. We'll see I guess.
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