Lazzeroni warbird brass



I have a custom rifle chambered for the Lazzeroni 7.82 warbird and have been unable to buy quality brass from Lazzeroni. Could anyone recommend a quality large 30 caliber cartridge that I could rechamber my rifle into without major modifications? My interest is in ultra long range varmints.
What's the scoop on the brass from Laz exactly? They don't have "any" in supply, or they don't have any "quality" brass in supply?

I'm building a 30/338 Lapua 40deg Imp. I'd think you could clean up the Warbird chamber with the Lapua Imp but... would it be worth it? Up to you really. The brass is of the highest quality, not sure about the Warbird brass cost but the Lapua is $130 a hundred, capacity will be about 120gr water... 3-7gr more than the 300 Ultra. Tougher brass than the Ultras. My dies are being made by Jim Carstensen. $90 for the inline seater, $125 for the bushing FL die or a NK die either one. It might be a little more for a 7/8" threaded seater though, he said it takes longer because he makes a sleeve for them like the Redding Competition seaters have.
Reamer was $135 from Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool & Gauge.

What action are you using?

A few more things to consider...
Brent, The Lazzeroni brass for 7.82 warbird has inconsistent case wall thickness as measured after being cut in half at the web with a hacksaw, and causes excessive brass flow on the thin side of the case, causing partial head seperation after a couple firings. The action is a Charles Daily Commecial Mauser.

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I think a 30/416 Rigby Imp will clean up the Warbird chamber as it is my understanding that the Lazzeroni chamber is designed to be small enough to prevent someone fron using 416 rigby brass instead of the Lazzeroni cases. Not sure about a 30/378.

By the way, how does the Lazzeroni brass seem for hardness.

If recoil is a problem then you may want to go with the 300 Gonzo it is built off the 338 lapua case and looks real neat but will cost some $$$$, because you have to have forming dies I am having one built and when it gets back I will post some pictures.
How about the 300 kong, its a 30/378 with the body taper removed and the shoulder changed to 40 degrees. It should clean out the chamber ok
I just bought a 308 Warbird Ackley Improved reamer, I can email (jtoews80" the prints to whoever wants them, I beleive that the 30-378 can be reamed out to 308 WB, but barrel has to be set back as the forward neck angle is a couple hndreths longer as it comes out of the ogee, I don`t think that either can go cleanly over to the other without setting the barrel back a few hundreths from wby to WarBird and I think the WarBird to wby wouldn`t work at all. I will say the wby brass is pretty good in my 30-378. I bought the reamer and hs gauge set for a buddy who has been insisting that the lazz is better than the wby forever. He most likely will just rechamber his 30-378 to 308 wb. And hopefully I can trade hin for his wby brass, judging by the brass comments hopefully this isn`t a bad idea.
I read the beginning posts and thought "now just where is he getting the brass for $130/100?" Then I realized that the that the post is going on 6 years old........... Oops!
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