655 Yard buck with MCR 338-408 Chey-Tac

Kevin Cram

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Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
This is Roberts first deer ever and also first time he's fired long range at an animal. I think he's doing just fine. Hope you enjoy.

hey, i was watching that buck all summer and fall. there you go shootin it on me. if it was any farther you probably wouldnt have seen it what with the lousy weather. you should be here now.
The weather was terrible for glassing the first 2 days of hunting. The first day it rained most of the day and we only spotted 4 deer, all doe. On the second day we picked this buck up right away and he was bedded down by 8:00 am. The deer was so low on the hill tht before we shot we had to trim some limbs and brush away to make a shooting lane. We normally shoot off a rock bench but we couldn't get an open shot at the right angle. We ended up about 20 yards from our original set-up laying prone on the ground. Robert has shot a few times long range at target and done very well. He had never killed a deer or any animal long range until this day. We watched this buck for about 3 hours before taking the shot. Robert kept his composure and made a great shot sending the bullet along the deers left side, through the lungs, took the top of the heart off, exited through the armpit on the far side and broke its leg at the knee on the far side. The 300g SMK made jello of the inside and as you seen the deer barely moved after he was hit. There was almost 4000 ft/lbs of energy when it hit the deer, that's like getting punched by superman:)
I've got a few more videos to put together from this year with a couple of near misses too. Thanks for watching.
Nice video and good shooting:)
I noticed that the shooter was shooting down hill but I couldn't tell if the rifle had a cosin indicator? How did you figure for the angle?

bigbuck, im not answering for kevin as he's quite capable of doing that for himself. fact is i doubt he even owns an indicator.
this is not a gadget oriented area. ive never seen a cousine indicator or a weather station used here. thats not to say those things are unimportant.
we rarly hunt alone here, a spotter is almost a must. if you noticed he asked the shooter several times if he was ready. that so he could be ready to call the shot. dont blink or you missed it. a more experienced shooter would know to do that.
at that distance gravity dosent play much of a part with guns like that.
our group has a chart for cousine made up years ago. we just guess the angle. cousine does play a major roll at the long distances.
im going to buy an indicator and attach it to my glasses using a small weaver base on the bracket. that way ill only need 1 regardless of which gun we use.

aside from good guns and glasses, kevins group is successful because of their basic ability. that includes packing back to some remote spots.

but he's not very good at 2000yd. bears in trees.
Having the joy of hunting bear and deer with kevin this year i can add to the above...remote doesn`t even describe it....each of us packed in our stuff 2 miles with frame packs...and after the weather me kevin and robert hunted in at first no body deserves this kill more then robert! Oh i was there for the "tree bears" to...lol.....i didn't draw blood this year but i had more fun huntin this year then i ever had
Yobuck's absolutely right. I've been long range hunting for 20 years now and we never needed a cosine indicator. We were shooting at about a 20 degree angle down hill. At that distance I just took 2 clicks off. Robert hit exactly where we had discussed to hold. I agree shooting uphill or downhill does have an effect but under 1000 yards and with enough experience you just know how much it will effect the impact.

As for the bears in the tree they were pushing the 2300-2500 yard mark, and I'm firing my spotters, they couldn't see a **** hit. I won't even mention the shots at 1500 they couldn't see :rolleyes:
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