We tried H1000 at 65gr with a 140 SMK, the thing was smokin along at 3277 fps average but, pressure averaged 71,800 though. Bolt was stiff every single shot and dad said primers seated pretty loosely on the next loading too. He backed down to 63gr and we have yet to check pressure on that one yet. It wasn't stiff extracting though.

The A-Max "seems" to come in a little lower on pressure from what I've seen with it so far, maybe by about 3k psi or so for a given bullet weight. Bumping the load up a grain or two for the same velocity or a bit more is what I've had to do.

We're getting between 3175 and 3250 fps at around 65k psi with most loads so far. You may want to keep track of the throat errosion pretty close, he's got about .025" errosion in about 300 rounds so far. Enough that he can't reach the lands unless he only want's the bullet a little over half way down the neck now. I see a set back coming soon.

RL25 seems to be about the best so far, no matter what bullet too.
Hi Brent and S1,

I have been following the 6.5 WSM posts for a while now. With that kind of throat erosion .025 after 300 rounds what kind of life could be expected from that barrel, and how many times can it be set back? I am still gathering the pieces (barrel, action, and $$$), and considering the 6.5 WSM, but barrel life is a real concern.

Frank D
I've been told by a BR smith that .100" errosion is about all the gun will tolerate before it opens up groups and isn't competetive any more, these guys are shooting in the ones though, quarter inch groups for them don't make grade.
I'd still be happy with .250" groups though.

My dad has fired his and let it cool regularly, but for a couple times is all.

He doesn't use Danzak, I was told Danzak isn't made anymore.

Normal cleaning and a Pacnor 6 groove bbl.

I figure it will shoot good for a couple thousand rounds maybe, if the cases neck was longer, I'm told it would be into the several thousand rounds.

The barrel can be set back a number of times depending on the diameter ahead of the chamber. A straight tube has no limit, a straight taper would have a limit at some point. Not really a big deal but, does cost money still.
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