6.5 bullet 142 MK O.A.L. question


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Jul 16, 2005
I just did a O.A.L test on my 6.5 Sierra 142 MK'S. I took 126 bullets and measured there O.A.L. The spread for 83 bullets measured from 1.371 (the shortest) to 1.386 (the longest) only a few of those were within .002 of each other. I was able to get 43 bullets to measure within .002 of each other, the O.A.L of these bullets measured 1.375 to 1.377, I will load these for my longrange group testing. My question is, I am trying to be very consistant for Longrange shooting so is it important for the bullets to be within .002 of each other or is it ok for that much of a spread in O.A.L. Any help would be wonderful, I am trying to learn everything I can. Thanks for the help, Wildcat!


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Jun 12, 2007
west of Little Rock ,Ark.

Might want to repost this at bullets ,bbls, ballistics, or perhaps at handloading. The aged and flatulent individuals ( /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif I'm only kidding , Len, Dave)that own this joint might be forced to make a change because of your error in placement.
Anyway , do so and watch the responses fly, see ya, Jim
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