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Mar 2, 2003
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Hey all,

Just wanted to give you guys the update on my new 6.5/300 project.. last weekend I finally got my bbl done and its now sitting on the action down at my dads.. Figured while we had it apart to modifiy the stock a bit.. I had my cousing take the stock and cut the forearm a 1/4" on both sides and got a nice piece of walnut to widen the forearm to about 3"s once that is done I have a nice brass plate that im gonna stick on the bottom of it to add a bit more weight to it.. Should hopefully have everything completed in time for the next match but it's gonna be close.. I decided to go with a tight neck and a 40degree should on this one.. My cousin allready had the reamer for it so that saved me some money as well.. I just cant wait to how this one is gonna shoot. Has anyone ever tried a 6.5/300 with a 40 degree shoulder?? If so how did you like it? I tried chambering some cases from my last 6.5 but they dont even come close to letting me close the bolt even after being neck turned and FL sized. Im just hopeing new cases will work.. If not Ill prolly take a peice of my old bbl and run the reamer through that and make up a die for it.. We shall soon see though..

6.5 Bandit
very good case to form wilcat base on Wea 300 is the winchester in 300 HH ,
Win case quality is better than REM ( not difficult to be better than REM !!! )
30 cal neck allow you to clean the neck when sized down in 6.5 to get something near perfect
low angle shoulder of the 300 HH is easy to form with regular full sizer die as :
7 WEA ( set up hight on the shell holder with a spacer make in steel )
6.5/300 full sizer without expander
to make neck turning and trimming and be ready for fire forming .

Federal brand is good too but harder to find than Win

good shooting

Refer to data on the 6.5 STW. That is going to be very hard on your throat. Keep an eye on erosion and pressures.

Chambering difficulties may be due to case growth just in front of the belt on your old cases. Conventional sizing dies do not size this area well. New brass should work just fine.

You might want to look for some Rem 7STW brass for this project. There were lots on sale a while back. Would be much cheaper then using "weatherby" stuff. The accuracy I was getting from the Rem stuff was excellent and brass life was better then Norma/weatherby.

Good luck with your project.


Thx for the reply.. I rember a few years ago we tried to use the 8mm brass but found out it didnt work as good as the weatherby brass.. Havent though about using the 7STW brass though.. I had been thinking about tryin the rem .300 weatherby brass just becouse its cheaper the weatherby's... I still have about 50 or so new weatherby cases that I will be using.. As far as I could tell you are 100% correct about case growth right above the belt.. Allthough I didnt get a chance to look at it real close yet that seemed to be where I was rubing with my old cases.. I was preaty sure they wasnt goin to work but it would of been nice
... This weekend Ill get more of a chance to play with it to see how everthing will work out.. My last 6.5/300 weatherby I was running 85-87gr of H-870 pushing 139grain Normas right around 3400fps.. I still have a ton of those normas left as well.. But think this time around Im gonna run some 142 MK's down it to see how they work out.. DC has said they worked very well out of is 6.5/300.. I belive he was the one that also informed me that the 139 gr Norma bullet wasnt a very good match bullet but was indeed a very good hunting bullet... Many years ago when my dad first started toyin with the 6.5/300 those Norma's where at that time the only good bullet so when Norma quit making them My dad and a few other relatives whent together and bought something like 500,000 of them.. So I have enough of those to last me a life time.. Allthough my personall supply is down to around 500 now..

6.5 Bandit
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