6.5-284 barrel length

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    i am planning on getting a barrel for my encore in 6.5-284. it will be used for varmints, deer and maybe elk. the gunsmith recommended a barrel length of 22". will i get adequate velocities from that length of barrel? an earlier post mentioned 3100 fps from a 28" barrel and a 24" barrel is really limiting the potential of the cartridge. is there anyone with chronographed loads using a 22" barrel?
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    Jun 13, 2007
    Encore is single shot. Total length of gun is short compared to barrel length. Why limit yourself? If ordering custom barrel for Encore go at least 24-26". My Encore with stock 24" in 7mm mag is shorter than any other bolt rifle with 24" barrel. Go to Bullberry barrels for Encore. Best barrels for TC products on the market. Foxridge Outfitters is TC custom shop outlet and has stock barrels and custom chamberings in non-match barrels. Order time is 2-8 wks with bull and SS available.f Both bullberry and foxridge are on internet.

    Good luck


    Good luck.