sporter length 6.5x55 or 6.5-284

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    Jan 31, 2011
    shopping for a new whitetail rifle..have pretty much settled on either a 6.5x55 in a tikka or 6.5x284 in a savage weather warrior series...for some reason or another both are only 22" barrels. I have heard that with a 22" barrel the 6.5-284 will give you no performance gain whatsoever over the 6.5x55..i handload so i NEVER or rarely ever buy factory loads..the 260 is another consideration..but i have heard it's case capacity suffers with longer bullets...also ruger has come out with the 6.5 creedmore in the hawkeye...and that does have a 26" barrel..(which don't bother me in the least)...i'm not looking to build a rifle right now either...looking stricly at factory rifles...and am sold on the 6.5's...simply because it's something different, and i already own quite a few other which will give me more bang for the buck?...i can't see using a 6.5-284 if it doesn't have any advantage in a 22" barrel..also already know, that any of them will do the job and the deer won't know the difference...just want to know ...which one will lead in performance, in a sporter length barrel.